The fictitious Hollywood movie started showing in theaters this weekend. One benefit that this movie brings is that it shows the entire world, the horrific drug fueled violence taking place in Mexico for the last eight years, as if over 100,000 dead and 30,000 people missing weren’t enough for the rest of the world open their eyes, but I digress. The film Sicario setting is in Ciudad Juarez, giving more negative publicity this war-torn region. So it’s absolutely no surprise that the corrupt scum Mexican government is considering to sue the film makers for defamation.

Regarding the film itself, I really can’t comment about it because I haven’t seen it yet. However, if you really want to see a film about a real Sicario, then I’d suggest watching El Sicario Room 164. The documentary showcases organized crime influence and power, and complete interpenetration of corruption across all the levels of the Mexican government.

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