Amazing political rant I’ve seen in years

It’s been a while since I’ve seen, heard, or read an amazing political rant, even with the elections days from now. I stumbled across a really good political video on YouTube that describe the absolute mainstream media biased towereds back then and currently now Mexico’s president elect. In a nut-shell Mexico’s new president was elected in office because of the overwhelmed favorable media coverage and negative coverage his opposing candidate had, much like current President Obama had in 2008.

Mainstream media political biased is quite frankly why I became a Republican (now with strong Libertarian views). During the 2004 US Presidential campaign, it was quite disgusting the things the mainstream media did in regards attempting to ruin the re-election of President Bush (I’m my point of view Dan Rather’s report on President’s Bush’s Vietnam National Guard service was the most shocking one). Though their is not much we can do about it, the only good thing is to the get our actual news and facts from alternative media sources like the internet and talk radio, which I can only hope it continues to strive as a good alternative solution to the current mainstream media garbage. That is until the day the Democrats revive the Fairness Doctrine Act, which will be the day free speech dies in America.

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