Moving to Ruby 1.9

I’ve been using the Ruby 1.8.6 on my CentOS box and Ruby 1.8.7 on my Ubuntu and OS X computers, for a couple of years now; I’ve never payed much attention on continuing to hack Ruby code using these versions of Ruby.
However, in reading DHH’s tweet stating that Ruby 1.8X series is now considered legacy and should be avoided and in reading through some of the Metasploit Framework initial documentation, I’ve decided to migrate to the latest Ruby 1.9 build (Ruby 1.9.2 patch level 180, at the time of this writing).

Upgrading was really easy, essentially on both CentOS and on Ubuntu I installed Ruby 1.9 directly from source, while I was able to install Ruby 1.9 on the Mac using Mac Ports.

The only thing that problem that I noticed in doing this, is that my existing Rubygems installation crapped out, which really isn’t a problem since I was able to successfully install a new version of Rubygems. So far the only incompatibilty that I have noticed so far is the Crypt gem which is not yet been updated to work with Ruby 1.9. There is an unofficial port called Crypt19, buts it’s such horribly undocumented (giving the library implementation is not helpful) that I couldn’t get my existing scripts to work using this library.

Now hopefully I’ll find more features on Ruby 1.9 that are worth doing the upgrade.

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