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It only took me exactly two years to read the Apress book Beginning Perl by James Lee, and I would have to admit this is the best programming book that I’ve read so far. I would need to give this book high praise as it was easy and fun to read ( pretty much taught me programming in Perl. Even tough I don’t use Perl on a daily bases, nor is Perl my prefer language of choice to write scripts ) but thanks to this book I could confidently read other programmers perl code and have an understanding on what’s going on in their program.

Chapter 1: First Steps in Perl
Chapter 2: Scalars
Chapter 3: Control Flow Constructs
Chapter 4: Lists and Arrays
Chapter 5: Hashes
Chapter 6: Subroutines/Functions
Chapter 7: Regular Expressions
Chapter 8: Files and Data
Chapter 9: String Processing
Chapter 10: Interface to the Operating System
Chapter 11: References
Chapter 12: Object-Oriented Perl
Chapter 13: Modules
Chapter 14 Introduction to CGI
Chapter 15: Perl and DBI

I would highly recommended this book to anybody starting or wanting to learn perl.
Beginning Perl, Second Edition

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